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Full Version: Field Location - Ambush Paintball
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Vanops games are run at Ambush Paintball, located at 7550 160th Street in Surrey, BC.

The field is easily accessed, less than ten minutes off of the #1 highway just east of the Port Mann bridge. If you aren't familiar with the area, you can look up directions using Google Maps.

There are three different maps that we play on at Ambush:

-"The city", a compact field filled with fabricated obstacles, making for fast games that are up close and personal.
-The "Moundz field", with a mix of fabricated obstacles, tall grass and bushes. A set of bridges provide access to a fortress that is optionally played depending on the game.
-"The Forest" is a medium sized field populated by trees, heavy brush, and an assortment of cover mostly utilizing felled trees. The perfect field for someone who enjoys sneaking around to get the jump on their opponents.